Custom Pork: FAQ


‘Pig-pooling’: A cost effective option from Mountain Run Farm!

Have questions about buying our pastured custom pork options? Please take a look at the frequently asked questions below.

Whole hog hanging (dressed, carcass) weights average around 250lbs. You will be notified of the delivery date of the animal to the butcher. The animal ages approximately 1 week and will then be cut and packaged, ready for pickup approximately 10 days after delivery.

The price to Mountain Run Farm is based on hanging weight and is the price for the animal. $3.25 for a whole pig and $3.75 for a half pig. This is the price for the animal. You will pay the butcher separately upon pickup.

Greenvalley Meats charges $0.55/lb plus a $40/animal slaughter fee ($20/half). This price includes cutting, vacuum sealing, freezing and labeling. You may choose a paper wrap instead for $0.50/lb.You should receive between 65-70% of your hanging weight in meat, depending upon your cut list specifications.

Storage: A half hog takes about 2.5 to 3 cubic feet of freezer space. A typical refrigerator freezer (if starting out empty) will fit a half hog. A small chest freezer is large enough to store a half hog, and can be purchased for around $150 to $200. You can ask friends or co-workers to share the meat with you as well, creating a very cost effective way to purchase homegrown, pastured pork.

An example of a breakdown of a hog includes: LOIN: (approx 25%) Bone-in chops OR roast, Boneless chops OR roast, fishloin/tenderloin

  • HAM: (approx 20%) Whole OR sliced/steaks OR roasts
  • SHOULDER: (approx 20%) Boston Butt sliced/steaks OR roasts, Picnic sliced/steaks OR roasts
  • RIBS: (approx 5%) Spareribs OR grind
  • MIDLIN or BELLY: (approx 10%) Whole OR Sliced/fresh bacon OR grind
  • JOWLS: Sliced OR Whole OR grind
  • MISCELLANEOUS CUTS, INCLUDING FAT: (approx 10%) Feet, Ears, Heart, Liver
  • TRIM: (approx 10%) all cuts not desired and all trim will be made into ground pork or bulk sausage or sausage links (links include an extra $0.50/lb. processing fee) including the varieties of Breakfast-mild, medium, or hot; Italian-sweet, mild, hot; Chorizo; or Bratwurst (an extra $5 fee for each seasoning used)

Please keep in mind: EVERY ANIMAL IS DIFFERENT – varying in weight, taste, and number of cuts.

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