Our Products

Premium local grass fed beef

We raise our animals with the utmost care and respect. No biosolids are used on our pastures and no GMO corn is used in our custom made pork and poultry feed.  Our beef is 100% grass-fed and all of our other meats have a grass based diet supplemented with the necessary grains to provide proper nutrition for healthy animals. All livestock is offered an all-natural, kelp based, vitamin/mineral supplement year round.

We have a great selection of REAL meats in the freezer of over 35 cuts of beef and 20 cuts of pork and continue to add new cuts as we hear about them. Our meats are hand cut to perfection in a Virginia state approved abattoir.

All the meats that we sell to you are 100% Mountain Run meats.  We also offer more cost-effective ways to purchase our meats through our custom and bulk buying options. Find out more about our custom meats.


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Farming this land since 1991 and direct-marketing since 2001, we have years of experience direct marketing our REAL meats to a very loyal customer base. We have learned alot and will remain in tune with your needs as our customer. In fact, we intend to always deal personally with our customers.

Where do I purchase your meats? 

We ask that you make the trip to Sedalia, meet us, tour the farm (you’ll love it!) and then consider allowing us to supply your family’s fresh food needs.  We will NOT ship our meats, but we will make provisions for out of town folks who’d like to visit and make a purchase.


Give us a call and stop on by at the saloon/store right here on the farm for our full selection of cuts.

NEED SOME CONVINCING? Read: Why eat grass-fed?

We also offer the following:

  • Farm Tours
  • Firewood
  • Camp Sedalia (available to rent for your special event)
  • Live, weaned calves (available for purchase to grass-finishing farmers)
  • Live, home-raised heifers for sale