Our Animals


We are focused and honored to have this opportunity amongst nature, to learn its way and choreograph the animal rotations. I have found purveyors of ancient wisdom whose lessons will lead us to a healthy, happy, farm-based future. When you buy meat from us, you are making a conscious choice to offer your family the same.

The cooking of these meats is different because they are pasture-raised. This beef does not shrink when cooked…it swells. We highly recommend doing some research on www.grassfedcooking.com for instruction and insight. Comments and questions are welcome, and please take a look at our website for videos, pictures, and more information, and if you’re still not satisfied take a trip out to the farm to talk to us and see the animals for yourself. This is real food folks; you will taste the difference – with your heart, soul, and overall health.

Our Cows

Mountain Run Farm: grass-fed from start to finish

Mountain Run Farm proudly manages a herd of Black Angus cattle, all of which have been born and raised on the farm since 1991. We have multiple generations of cattle all living as one family mob. The mob consists of 360 head ranging from 18-year-old great-grandmas to sprite newborn calves. The herd is carefully managed through the tall, native pastures loaded with wild medicinal herbs. The mob deposits about 25,000 pounds of manure and urine a day, aiding in the building of microbial life in the soil. This allows earthworms and dung beetles to go to work turning this “waste” into fertile soil, thereby growing ever higher quality grasses.

Our herd receives absolutely no supplements such as grain, vaccinations, or chemical inputs. We do supplement with our own recipe of vitamins and minerals mixed with organic trace mineral salt and kelp. Our beeves are patiently fattened on completely natural pastures creating healthy fats. These fats are essential in fostering health, intelligence, and longevity of life for humans. I personally deliver the finished animals to our certified butcher where the beef is dry-aged for 30 days, then hand-cut and packaged in a family environment. We then transport the frozen beef cuts back home where they are sold directly off the farm. We intend to provide our community with nutrient-dense beef capable of supporting health and aiding in the healing of many well-known diseases.

Our HogsPasture raised Duroc pork at Mountain Run Farm

Our Duroc hogs are also born and raised on our pasture. They thrive on outdoor life – soaking up Vitamin D while relaxing in the creeks snacking on crawdads and acorns. Our hogs are supplemented with Virginia-grown, non-GMO custom feed, and at least 50% of their diet is supported by roaming and rooting behind our cattle. Our hogs are raised to maturity and reach 3-400 lbs. before I call them “finished”. This allows ample intramuscular fats and marbling throughout our line-up of pork cuts. Along with beef, pork fat is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are essential to human health. I personally deliver the hogs to our certified butcher, where it is also dry-aged, hand-cut, and packaged in a certified facility. The pork is also transported back home where it is sold directly off the farm along with our beef. We have heard plenty of old-timers say our pork reminds them of what “real pork used to taste like.”