Winter Sampler

It may feel like Spring at the moment, but the reality is folks, Winter is still here!  And we’re making it feel a little better to ya with our WINTER SAMPLER.  We’re offering this discount on a pre-selected bag of beef to keep everyone happy until our custom beef is fattened on the Spring grass.  Here are the options:  a 15% discount on a 40 pound bag with 20 ground beef, 1 chuck roast, 3 short ribs, 1 sirloin tip roast, 2 ribeyes, 2 chuck eye steaks, 2 shank, and 1 top round steak, about $200.  Option 2: a 10% discount on a 25 pound bag with 10 ground beef, 2 sirloin steaks, 2 NY strips, 1 rump roast, 1 skirt steak, 1 London Broil, 1 shank, and 1 top round steak, about $145.  Stay warm and remember, Spring is on the way – at least our hens are laying eggs again!