*Spring Welcoming*

Hey, what are you doing this Saturday morning?

Prim wants to know if you’d like to come watch her give a demonstration on milking. Or how about being entertained by dozens and dozens of chickens running around? Maybe sing to the pigs… with an oink, oink here… and an oink, oink there….? Perhaps you want to treat yourself to a hot bowl of soaked oatmeal and home-grown sausage? Or maybe just being outside breathing fresh mountain air for a few hours would suit your fancy….


Primrose, the Freedom Ranger meat chicks, the hogs, some grass-only beef cows, the laying hens, Mr. and Mrs. Peacock, our duck friends, and even the catfish have extended an invitation for you and your family and friends to spend the morning with them. Ben will be leading a Pasture Walk from 9-10:30 where you’ll be introduced to our brood as well as be educated on using traditional methods of farming to take us back to our roots of optimal health and well-being using what nature as provided.

We will have a breakfast of soaked oatmeal and sausage available to enjoy while your visiting, as well as fully stocked freezers – Coolers are always helpful if you are planning on purchasing some meat. We do ask that children be supervised at all times, and that you dress appropriately for walking in grass, gravel, and quite possibly a little poo.

On that note…we’ll see you bright and early on Saturday!