April 2008

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Baby Chick Wake Up Call!!

March 31st started with a 6:30 am wake up call from our local US Post Office telling us that our chicks arrived!! This is our first batch of the season, so we were anxiously awaiting their arrival – and so excited to pick them up and bring ’em to the farm! They were greeted by…

Grass-based Food is the Natural Way

Check out this article over at The Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada. Here’s an excerpt: “Dr. Tilak Dhiman, a nutritionist at Utah State University, isn’t one to shy away from the big issues in life when sharing his opinions on milk and meat production.

Shocking News About Store Bought Meat

Check out this article about current trends regarding meats you buy at the grocery store. Warning: after reading this you may never buy ‘store bought’ meat again. (Not for the faint of heart). Here’s an excerpt from the article over at MotherEarthNews: “…Two of the biggest trends reshaping America’s meat supply are gas packaging and…

Farm News: Early Spring 08

Happy Spring! For those of you not signed up for our newsletter, first of all…sign up! But only if you want to. Just sign up here. If you missed our Spring Newsletter now you can view the ‘paper-free’ version! Check it out here: Spring 08 Newsletter.

Farmer D!

We met an amazing fellow biodynamic farmer recently. His name is Daron Joffe, also known as ‘Farmer D’. Farmer D stopped by Mountain Run and gave us such encouragement that we want you to check out this international firebrand for organic/community farming. Based out of Georgia, Farmer D Organics: “…designs and creates organic farms and…

Mountain Run wins Bedford Chamber Award

We were very honored, recently, to be named the Bedford Chamber of Commerce AgriBusiness of the Year for 2007. What a surprise! We don’t believe in ‘tootin’ your own horn’ but we wanted to say thank you to everyone for making this possible and thank you to the Bedford Chamber for the honor. Check out…