Delicious Steaks #1: recipe and instructions

“Try this rub for steaks, it will be the best steak you have ever had!,” says our friend Dave Thomas from Health Nut Nutrition in Lynchburg:

First marinate steaks in a mixture of olive oil, a small amount of apple cider vinegar and water, plus a good seasoned marinade mix like Simply Organic Steak Marinade for at least half hour. Mix together for a rub, one cup of quality ground coffee (not instant), one cup of course ground black peppercorns, half cup of brown sugar (I use Sucanat form Health Nut), and a half cup of course sea salt. Mix these ingredients in a freezer bag and use to rub on steaks before grilling. Take steaks out of marinade and wash off excess, then rub steaks good with your rub mix and throw them on the grill. Store rest of rub in fridge for next grilling!

(Recipe by Dave T.)

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